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Who we are?


Our vision is to create positive change in the communities where we work to build vibrant, social, resilient, and economically strong places where the way we develop our cities is no longer a barrier to achieving healthy, happy, and equitable lifestyles.

our mission

NUE Urban Concepts’ (NUC) mission is to improve the quality of life in cities by planning and designing urban environments that serve people, not just cars. To achieve this, our work focuses on providing engaging public spaces, facilitating safe and convenient mobility and access to jobs and daily needs, and removing barriers to opportunities and affordability that have been created by traditional land development practices.


NUE Urban Concepts (NUC) advises at the decision-making and street level on mobility, land use, parking, and funding. NUC’s approach is guided by four pillars.


We take a data-driven approach to deconstructing complex planning and mobility issues, analyzing traffic and travel patterns, and telling the story of the communities we work in. We use data to help facilitate informed decision-making with our clients and to justify project recommendations.


A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes a story is best told through creative visualizations. We take our data analysis one step further by developing high quality visualizations that communicate our analyses, innovative concepts, and recommendations in an easy-to-understand way.


In all of our projects, we strive to facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration between our clients and relevant public agencies, private businesses, developers, and local residents that result in comprehensive, strategic decision making and project implementation.


At NUC, “big plans” don’t just include flashy projects or making space for the latest technology trend, they’re bold blueprints that address issues at their core to create social and environmental change. At NUC, we dedicate 10% of our time to innovation – whether that’s continuing our education, staying up-to-date with the latest planning trends and issues, or developing innovative concepts to implement in our work, NUC is dedicated to being an innovative leader in the field of urban planning and mobility. See our Innovation page to explore the innovation and creative concepts that guide our work.

NUEUrban Concepts

Our Team

Jonathan B. Paul, AICP

Founder & Principal

Lauren Rushing

Project Manager / Principal Planner

Margarita Yerastova

Principal Planner & Graphic Designer